Global Grub's Blog: Adventures in Cooking

  • How to Create the Best Meatloaf Sliders

    Meatloaf… love it or hate it? My hubs is not a fan, so I never make it, or so he thinks! I’ve actually evolved my mom’s “oldie but goodie” meatloaf recipe into our go-to slide recipe. If you love burgers, meatloaf or anything mini (like me), then you need to make these pronto! And they’re fun to eat! They’re small, so you can eat a couple, stick to your diet or save room for the sides.

    The patties are bursting with flavor...

      • Mompreneur: The Ultimate Balancing Act

        "You know, if you want to get something done, give it to a busy mom." This is a quote from the recent article, "Kevin O'Leary of 'Shark Tank' invests in 27 companies and says the only ones making money have female CEOs." I'm obsessed with Shark Tank and this article makes me smile ear-to-ear. I'm certainly proud of my self proclaimed title, "Mompreneur." But the truth is, the struggle to fit in being a mom and business owner is real...

      • Gnocchi Recipe, straight from Florence

        The best day of our "eat our way through Europe" trip was when we rolled up our sleeves and made homemade Italian food in an authentic Florentine kitchen. If you ever go to Florence, please take this private cooking class, Let's Cook with Jacopo (it has all 5-star reviews for a reason).

        In the meantime, bring Italy to you with this gnocchi recipe straight from Jacopo's kitchen. If pasta and potatoes had a baby, it would definitely be gnocchi! Follow my easy-to-follow adapted cooking instructions and let the tender pillows melt in your mouth. 

        global grub gnocchi recipe

        As you can see, we literally couldn't wait to try our homemade gnocchi, hence this half eaten platter of tender pillows in this photo. 

        Gnocchi Ingredients

        • 1 kg potatoes (2.2 Ibs potatoes, such as russet potatoes)
      • How to Throw a Sushi Party

        HOST: Prepare the sushi rice and spread of sushi fillings beforehand.
        GUESTS: Assemble favorite rolls (perhaps ask them to bring drinks and sides)
        ALL: Let the good times roll!


        • California Roll: crab, avocado, cucumber (or substitute crab with salmon or teriyaki chicken, or additionally top with a salmon or spicy tuna)
        • Spicy Tuna Roll: spicy tuna, cucumber
        • Tempura Roll: shrimp tempura, optional avocado  
        • Philly Roll: salmon, cream cheese, cucumber
        • Veggie Roll: any assortment of veggies
        • Sushi Sides: optional
        • Sake and Beer: optional but highly recommended 
      • How to Use Your Cooking Kit

        • Date Nights: Skip restaurant crowds and/or get involved after the kiddos go to bed. Turn this date night in into a fun adventure, cooking side-by-side with some music and drinks within reach, of course! 
        • Dinner Parties: Serve your guests something new and exciting (and be confident that it'll turn out great!). Better yet, have your guests roll up their sleeves too... the Sushi Kit is particularly fun to make as a group. Check out How to Throw a Sushi Party.
        • Family Fun: Let your little ones act as your sous chef, exposing them to...