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Give your ice cream a Japanese twist! This DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit includes the unique shelf stable ingredients, and cooking tools so you can successfully make your own mochi. Just add your own favorite ice cream. Plus this mochi making kit makes 4 batches so you can keep experimenting with different mochi flavors combos. The very best part?... Making mochi memories with your fellow mochi-loving family and friends! For hardcore mochi fans, check out the new Mochi Addict Shirt

What's Included

Sweet Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Matcha Powder, Cocoa Powder, Ice Cream Mold, Dough Cutter, Cooking Instructions. Mochi Kit makes 32 pieces (4 batches of 8)

Shopping Guide 

With the unique shelf stable ingredients already included in the mochi kit, you’ll only need 2 basic ingredients:

  • Your favorite FIRM ice cream
  • Sugar
Tips + Tricks
  • Use firm ice cream only! Soft ice creams, sorbets, or frozen yogurts can be difficult to work with.
  • Be prepared: mochi dough is VERY sticky! Use lots of potato starch and embrace the mess.
  • Get creative with your ice cream and mochi flavor combinations! Check out our Mochi Flavor Ideas blog and get inspired for your next batch of mochi!

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