Chef Morimoto and Carley Sheehy, Global Grub founder


This is me with Iron Chef Morimoto (somebody pinch me!) along my journey to bring culinary joy and memories to kitchens everywhere.

Carley's Story

How did Global Grub come into existence, you ask? Along my cooking journey, I made it my mission to master cooking all the international foods I enjoyed during my travels near and far (20 countries and counting). When I first set out to do this, I found myself uncertain about what recipes and techniques to use, and I also dreaded "collecting" all the random ingredients (that I knew I'd probably only use once or twice). But, the actual cooking of new cuisines made me feel adventurous, transported to another culture, and excited to share my international "labor of love." That's when I knew I had to find a better way for home cooks to focus more on the hands-on cooking itself (and less on the upfront time and effort). 

You might be wondering, then what? Well, I did something a little cray-cray: I jumped ship from my corporate job in pursuit of passion and my lifelong dream of starting my own business. I knew there was no better time. And I was just naive enough (in a good way) to jump in head first in 2012. It's been a wild ride since then that requires constant evolution but I am here for it!!!

Why? I hope Global Grub gives you that little extra nudge to experiment in the kitchen and learn some new techniques. I hope it's an exciting new experience that exposes you and your family to new cultures and flavors at home. I hope it brings your family and friends together, and helps create special memories. I hope Global Grub helps you chase after that feeling when you're so proud to share a new "it-totally-turned-out" recipe (you know that feeling, right?). I hope it satiates your wanderlust (well, at least until you can hop on your next international flight). 

The bottom line? I’d be honored if you welcomed Global Grub into your kitchen for your next cooking adventure. 

Happy Cooking,