Global Grub's Blog: Adventures in Cooking

  • How to keep your grilling game strong and unique!

    Labor Day might have come and gone already (seriously, where does time go!?), but thankfully there’s still plenty of time to fire up the grill. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a good grilled steak and veggies, but with endless grilling possibilities, be sure to mix things up... don’t be a victim to the dreaded “cooking rut!” Here are 7 of my favorite not-your-ordinary-BBQ recipes...


  • Jerk Kit - Make it Yours!

    Follow the award-winning Global Grub Jerk Kit to the "T" or get creative and Make it Yours!

    Jerk Chicken

    Here are some ways to Make it Yours:

    • My favorite: There's plenty of marinade for all the chicken, so add some shrimp too (now that's a good spin on Surf n Turf)
    • Also or alternatively, use the marinade on pork or fish, to name a few...