Global Grub's Blog: Adventures in Cooking

  • Traveling with a 1-year-old

    I was getting a serious travel itch when my mommy friend told me that some airlines provide bassinets for babies on international flights. Since the double-digit hour flight was my biggest fear of traveling with my 1-year old, the bassinet provided a glimmer of hope. Plus I thought, "now's the time to do it before he's completely mobile" and "let's take advantage of free airfare for under 2-year-olds"...


  • 3-Year Anniversary... Can I get a "woo-hoooo!"!?

    This April marks Global Grub's existence for a fast and furious three years. Global Grub has come along way. Just look at the concept packaging from October of 2011 compared to today's real packaging. 

    When I first started this business, I remember speaking to two different entrepreneurs who admitted if they could do it again, they probably wouldn't. I chose to ignore that statement but I have to admit, now I kinda understand. This biz keeps me on my tip-tip-tip toes. I might even venture to say running this biz has been tougher than being a Mom...

  • How to Throw a Sushi Party

    HOST: Prepare the sushi rice and spread of sushi fillings beforehand.
    GUESTS: Assemble favorite rolls (perhaps ask them to bring drinks and sides)
    ALL: Let the good times roll!


    • California Roll: crab, avocado, cucumber (or substitute crab with salmon or teriyaki chicken, or additionally top with a salmon or spicy tuna)
    • Spicy Tuna Roll: spicy tuna, cucumber
    • Tempura Roll: shrimp tempura, optional avocado  
    • Philly Roll: salmon, cream cheese, cucumber
    • Veggie Roll: any assortment of veggies
    • Sushi Sides: optional
    • Sake and Beer: optional but highly recommended 
  • How to Use Your Cooking Kit

    • Date Nights: Skip restaurant crowds and/or get involved after the kiddos go to bed. Turn this date night in into a fun adventure, cooking side-by-side with some music and drinks within reach, of course! 
    • Dinner Parties: Serve your guests something new and exciting (and be confident that it'll turn out great!). Better yet, have your guests roll up their sleeves too... the Sushi Kit is particularly fun to make as a group. Check out How to Throw a Sushi Party.
    • Family Fun: Let your little ones act as your sous chef, exposing them to...
  • Tagine Kit - Make it Yours!

    Follow the Global Grub Tagine Kit to the "T" or get creative and Make it Yours!

    tagine recipe

    Here are some ways to Make it Yours:

    • Use lamb for a heartier stew flavor (if you like lamb, definitely go this route); use chicken for a lighter stew
    • Decide how sweet you want to go by adding or holding back on the honey
    • Make it vegetarian with an all sorts of veggies, such carrots, zucchini, butternut squash, eggplant, peas...
  • Jerk Kit - Make it Yours!

    Follow the award-winning Global Grub Jerk Kit to the "T" or get creative and Make it Yours!

    Jerk Chicken

    Here are some ways to Make it Yours:

    • My favorite: There's plenty of marinade for all the chicken, so add some shrimp too (now that's a good spin on Surf n Turf)
    • Also or alternatively, use the marinade on pork or fish, to name a few...