By Carley Sheehy

Family-Friendly News To Share!

Global Grub is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with a fellow Bay Area company, Little Passports. Global Grub’s DIY Sushi Kit is available as an add-on item to their Japan Explorers Kit as well as an everyday item on their website, under their Shop. Global Grub and Little Passports are a natural “fit,” both bringing cultural experiences into the comfort of everyone’s homes. Little Passports focuses on kiddos and over the years, families have taken notice that Global Grub’s DIY kits are very family-friendly too.

Global Grub and Little Passports

As a Mom of 2 young kids, I couldn’t be happier that Global Grub’s DIY kits are being used as a fun family activity. When customers send pictures of kiddos rolling their own sushi, it absolutely makes my day! Cooking as a family is so beneficial on many levels. It helps kids learn the lifelong skill of cooking and understanding what goes into their food and meals. It’s an opportunity to teach and reinforce science, math and chemistry, to name a few. And when you cook a global cuisine, it’s a wonderful way to expose your littles to different cultures and tastes. Last but not least, it’s fun! But as busy parents, time is always of essence. And that’s where our DIY kits are especially convenient. These family-friendly DIY kits have thought through many of the details for you with all the non-perishable ingredients, shopping list and detailed step-by-step instructions. This way, you are able to have the freedom to cook what and when you went (add your own fresh items), and more importantly, better focus on the fun part of cooking. With so many little sushi lovers out there, the DIY Sushi Kit is the best-seller among families. You can’t get more hands-on then hand-rolling a sushi roll you’re about to eat!

Funny story about how this partnership came to be: When Global Grub launched nearly 7 years ago, I set up a table/display outside of our nearest Bart Station (public transportation). I nervously lined up all the DIY Kits and posted a sign that said “Great Mother’s Day Gift… the gift of cooking adventures!” It was the first time I really put “Global Grub” out there. The response was… a huge relief! I introduced Global Grub, sold some kits, and met people. And one of those people was the buyer for Little Passports who was on her way home. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and because life is all about timing, we’re now officially partners… 7 years later! So this partnership feels very full circle, and a testament to good things are worth the wait!

Global Grub at the Bart Station

About Little Passports

Little Passports is an award-winning subscription service that inspires kids to learn about the world. Each month, a package arrives with fun and education toys, activities and souvenirs to spark your child’s curiosity. Genius, right!? There are different subscriptions depending on your child’s age and interest. We just got the World Edition and the first shipment came with a darling suitcase, passport, world map, and some other fun stuff.


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