By Carley Sheehy

For the Love of Food Blogs

Do you remember the days when blogs didn't exist? It's crazy to think about how many creative and inspiring minds didn't have an easy outlet to share with the world. Almost as crazy as me going anywhere without my phone and maps app! We've come a long way, people! 

I'm constantly inspired by the plethora of delicious food blogs that encourage me to cook something new, something different. The writing, the photos, the recipes... all so beautifully and tastefully done by someone I can relate to, someone I feel like I "know." Food blogs help push my cooking boundaries, feeding my passion for cooking, eating and Global Grub. But there's so many out there and one only has so much time! So, I compiled a list of my faves that I hope you'll check out. Here's to you and cooking (and/or drinking) something new! 

Cheers, Carley

My Top 10 Fave Food Blogs (in no particular order):

Chocolate and Marrow: Anyone else who is “willing to try just about any food item at least once” is a friend of mine! Brooke has an adventurous spirit and palette that comes through in her recipes. And since family recipes are the best, it’s a no brainer, you’ve got to try this recipe of hers:

Cooking with Amy: Amy is ingrained in the SF food community for good reason and I enjoy bumping into her at various events. Not to be name droppy, but her blog has been applauded by Forbes, Saveur and even the movie Julia & Julia, to name a few... need I say more?

Two Red Bowls: This blogger had me at “I love Asian food and anything that can be made mini.” And how cool is this… Cynthia's a lawyer by day and a Saveur “Most Delicious” Blog WINNER by night. So. Very. Cool. Her birthday series has me planning my next trip to Hawaii:

Fix Feast Flair: Alana has quite the sweet tooth, but she’s still down for something savory with some cocktails, of course! Her coverage on San Francisco (she used to live there, as well as Hawaii) made me realize I need to get out more! These have been added to my SF bucket list:

Mom's Kitchen Handbook: With my newish Mom title, I can't help but gravitate towards Katie’s mantra, "Raising farm fresh-food kids in a french-fried world." Sign up for her "My Week in Food" posts; it'll make you want to be a part of her household. Oh and try her delish cilantro lime yogurt chicken recipe:

Mom's Kitchen Handbook cilantro lime chicken Global Grub

Brooklyn Supper: This gorg blog will motivate you to head to your local Farmers Market this weekend and take advantage of local, seasonal food. I can definitely relate to Elizabeth's post about "a couple that by necessity and personality has a lot of dates at home" a.k.a being parents:

The Pig and The Quill: I feel like Em's my long lost sassy soulmate. Her writing is, well, sasstastic and this might be the prettiest (and easiest) appetizer to serve at your next party:

prosciutto caprese appetizer Pig and Quil

Dash and Bella: Here’s another great mama blogger, but Phyllis' focus is as much on the food as it is on how and who is eating it. Grab a seat and check out her moving compilation of “I know a mama who” quotes that run quite the (powerful) gamut:

The Crepes of Wrath: Sydney's blog wall is decorated with larger than life photos that'll make you want to jump into the screen to steal a bite (or two or three). She has quite the sweet tooth and I have to admit, her lemon squares are better than mine: 

Reclaiming Provincial: As a prop stylist, Carey has quite the eye for beauty and perfection. While my counter is a total disaster when I cook, hers is, well, perfect. Case and point, this beautifully captured recipe for your next cocktail:

What are your favorite food blogs? I'd love to check them out. 


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