The Jerk Kit is Baaack (and special offer)

August 18, 2016 0 Comments

Jerk Kit Returns

Greetings! Summer is flying by, but there's still plenty of time to fire up the grill. So, I'm happy to report that Global Grub is up and running at our new facility in NorCal, and our delicious DIY Jerk Kit is back in stock! Since you’ve been so patient, I have a special offer for my loyal Jerk Fans: Purchase a DIY Jerk Kit through Labor Day* and receive a FREE KIT. To redeem, purchase at least one DIY Jerk Kit on and when you checkout, include "YaMon" in the notes section. We will automatically include an extra kit in your shipment (Global Grub will select kit and it will not show up as an item in your cart). That's a $10 value! Plus, as always, free shipping on orders over $50. 

Still need some convincing? Here are the top reasons to cook up Global Grub's Jerk Chicken at your next BBQ:

global grub jerk chicken

It's DIY-licious! 
The authentic Jerk marinade is sweet, savory and spicy all at once, and will take your chicken (or shrimp!) straight to Flavor Town! Choose your spice level, then calm your mouth with the addicting creamy coconut rice side dish (included too!). Serves 4+. 
Food + Wine Agrees! 
OK, since you might be thinking I’m a little biased… 
Food + Wine named us one of the best “DIY Kits,” specifically: "A fresh and accessible introduction to cooking around the world, Global Grub kits have clear step-by-step instructions and do most of the ingredient sourcing for you. The jerk chicken kit even packages the hot habaneros separately so you can play it safe or go for that classic mouth-burning heat.” 

Hello, Jamaica
Maybe you want to reminisce about your trip to the Caribbean and/or maybe you simply have a case of Wanderlust. Either way, enjoy our authentic Jerk Chicken, play some Bob Marley tunes, sip on a Red Strip and you’ve got the best next thing!

Mix It Up
Global Grub's cooking kits make it easier to explore foods of the world in your own kitchen. With perfected recipes and pre-measured ingredients, there's no need to cook the same ol' things. Global Grub does a lot of the legwork so you can focus on the fun part of cooking. No more searching around for every ingredient and buying big jars (that often go to waste).

Buy Local, Eat Global
What makes us different than the many meal kits out there? I call it the “freedom factor!” Global Grub kits include non-perishable ingredient only; add your own fresh ingredients, so you can "Make it Yours." “Buy Local, Eat Global” by incorporating meat and produce from your local store or farmers market. 

Time to start thinking about Labor Day (hint-hint: Jerk Chicken)!

Enjoy the rest of summer and as always…

Happy Cooking! 

Carley (Chief Global Grubber)

DIY Jerk Kit

DIY Jerk Kit Includes: Jerk Spice, Habaneros, Rice, Rice Spice, Shopping Guide (for a few fresh/basic items), Drink Pairing Suggestions, Detailed Cooking Instructions. Serves 4

*Offer valid while supplies through 9/5/16. Limit 1 per person. US only. 


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