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Take your homemade pasta to the next level with head turning colors and shapes only limited by your imagination. This Pasta Art Kit makes 4 batches of dough with coloring sourced from nature. Put a colorful take on classic shapes like noodles or bowties or get totally creative... the pastabilities are endless! Check out the cooking video and more inspo

What's Included 

    00 Flour, Spirulina Green Powder, Sweet Potato/Carrot Purple Powder, Turmeric Yellow Powder, Beet Red Powder, Pasta Wheel, Dough Cutter Set, Detailed Cooking Instructions 

    Shopping Guide (per batch)
    • 2 large eggs
    • Your favorite sauce (as long as it lets the pasta shine through, like a brown butter sauce or combo of olive oil, garlic and parmesan) 
    Tips + Tricks
    • Pasta machines were invented to make your life easier,
      something we wholeheartedly support. Alternatively, use a rolling
      pin or even an empty wine bottle will do the trick

    • Use the dough recipe as a starting place, but know that
      there are a lot of factors that can affect the outcome, like the
      temperature, humidity, size of your egg, etc. If the dough feels
      sticky, add a little flour; if the dough feels dry, add a little water

    • Get colorful with multiple batches of dough! Each color dough
      recipe is half the size of a typical batch, so you are encouraged to
      make more than one batch at a time

    • Flour is your friend! Don’t be shy about using plenty of flour
      to avoid sticking, plus a bench scraper helps too

    • Got extra dough? We love using the leftover scrap pieces
      to combine them into a ball of colorful dough that can be re-rolled
      into a tie-dye creation

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