• Focaccia Art Kit includes bread flour, spices, flakey sea salt, food tweezers, focaccia art INSPO and cooking instructions
  • Use the food tweezers to create an edible art canvas
  • Focaccia bread, crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside
  • Focaccia Art Cooking Video
  • Gift the gift of a cooking adventure!
  • Focaccia Art Kit - make an edible art masterpiece!
  • Focaccia Art Kit INSPO
  • More Focaccia Art INSPO - wanna cracker?

Focaccia Art Kit

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If you love bread and being creative in the kitchen, the Focaccia Art Kit has your name on it! Learn to make delicious homemade Italian flatbread, and then make it next-level by turning it into an edible art masterpiece. Use the fancy food tweezers to decorate with the fresh toppings of your choice and let your imagination guide you! Need inspo? The DIY kit includes a Focaccia Art Gallery too! Your focaccia canvas awaits your creative touch. 

    • Gift the gift of a cooking adventure!

      What's Included

      Bread Flour


      Italian Seasoning

      Flakey Sea Salt

      Food Tweezers

      Focaccia Art Gallery Inspo

      Step-by-Step Instructions 

    • Shopping Guide

      Any focaccia art toppings you desire, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cheese, etc. See the Focaccia Art Gallery for more inspo 

      Good quality extra virgin olive oil 

      Basics: water, sugar, regular salt 

    • Tips & Tricks

      New to bread making? Focaccia is a great intro as it's so simple and relatively fast.

      Mixing by hand is easy; mixing with a stand mixer is even easier! 

      For the dry active yeast, use warm water between 105-115 degrees. Consider using a thermometer for accuracy.

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