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April 08, 2022 0 Comments

Global Grub Jobs

Global Grub is a small but mighty company that is well positioned for explosive growth as we build a smart and driven team. If you're a foodie interested in joining a start-up with major growth opportunities and an inclusive decision-making model, please consider applying to our open positions: 

eCommerce+Digital Marketing Manager: 

This full-time role will make a significant impact through all stages of the DTC sales funnel. Reporting to the CEO, this team player will be responsible for overseeing and executing the day-to-day front end of our website and achieving growth targets by maximizing the performance marketing landscape. Must love all things digital. Apply here

Experience Manager (virtual cooking classes): 

This part-time role will further develop our virtual cooking class program, working closely with our cooking instructors and virtual class platforms to ensure an outstanding experience with Global Grub that’s fun, interactive and educational. This unique role is a combo of event planning, admin, project management, customer service, sales and marketing. Apply here 

Virtual Cooking Instructors: 

We can never get enough of passionate cooking instructors! If you're interested in joining our team of virtual cooking class instructors, email us at for more info. 

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