What's a DIY global cooking kit?

It's a simpler way to explore international cooking. Our DIY kits include: 

diy ethnic cooking kit global grub sushi pad thai jerk chicken

Why? Because: 

✓ Focus on the FUN of exploring new foods in your kitchen. Let us take care of the upfront hassles. 

✓ Maintain your freedom to cook exactly what you want, and feel free to make it yours. By adding your own fresh ingredients, you can incorporate local or organic or whatever's your favorite... after all, you're the cook! 

✓ Save time and money. With our kits, there's no need to search around for recipes or hard-to-find ingredients (Don't ya hate buying those big jars that you only use once or twice? We do, too.)

✓ There's too many wonderful foods in this world to be making the same old things. Cook your way around the world - it'll make you feel adventurous and maybe even remind you of your worldly travels. 

✓ It's delicious! Just ask Food and Wine, or check our our Silver Award by the Specialty Food Association/Fancy Food Show