DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit: Cooking Instructions

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Are you ready to make ice cream that melts in your mouth, not in your hands? Use your favorite ice cream, as long as its regular/firm. Below are the instructions from the kit, or check out our cooking video. Have fun! 

Global Grub DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit Cooking Instructions

Makes 1 batch of 8 pieces


  1. Allow the ice cream to soften, about 10 min.

  2. Wash mold before using. Use a spoon to fill each cavity of the mold with ice cream, making sure it’s firmly packed and flat on the top. Place mold in freezer until ice cream is frozen solid, at least 1-2 hrs (or overnight).


  1. In a heatproof bowl, add 3/4 cup sweet rice flour and 1/3 cup sugar and whisk until combined. Optional coloring for mochi outer layer: add powder, such as matcha packet OR cocoa powder packet and mix well (alternatively, add liquid in next step, such as food coloring or jam to your liking).

  2. Add 3/4 cup water to mixture and whisk until combined.

Heating Method 1: Microwave (faster) *Based on microwave watts 1000-1700 (adjust if needed)*
  1. Loosely cover mixture with plastic wrap. Microwave for 1 min.

  2. Remove and briefly stir with a spatula or cooking spoon until mostly combined (lumps are okay).

  3. Cover and repeat, microwaving for an additional 1 min, then mixing the very sticky dough.

  4. Again, cover and microwave for 30 sec to finish cooking. Mix well. The finished dough should have a dense frosting consistency.

Heating Method 2: Steam

  1. Place bowl of mixture in steamer. Cover and steam for about 15 min, stirring halfway through. Mix well. The finished dough should have a dense frosting consistency.


  1. Prep a clean flat surface and measure out 1/4 cup potato starch. Dust surface evenly with majority of starch (to prevent sticking). Pour the hot (caution!) dough onto the surface and generously dust with more starch.

  2. Dust rolling pin and/or fingers with more starch, and flatten dough to a 1/8-in thickness, keeping in mind you will cut out 8 circles. Flip dough over and use more starch as needed.  

  3. Cover a small plate with a piece of plastic wrap.

  4. Use the dough cutter to cut a circle from the dough. If needed, use a dough scrapper. Dust off excess starch from circle, then place onto the plastic-wrapped plate.

  5. Repeat for all 8 mochi circles, alternating plastic wrap between each layer. Got extra dough? Enjoy as a snack or re-roll and cut another circle.

  6. Let cool in fridge for 30 min. Good time for some clean up!


  1. Gather mochi circles and 1 scoop of completely frozen ice cream, leaving the rest in the freezer until ready to use (to avoid melting).

  2. Place the scoop of ice cream in the center of a mochi circle (with the plastic wrap still underneath), rounded side facing down. Gather 4 sides of the mochi circle to the top and tightly pinch together. If sticky, use potato starch on your fingertips. Next, pinch the remaining open sides and bring to the top as well, making it completely sealed. Trim excess mochi gathered at the top, if needed.

  3. Use the plastic wrap underneath the mochi ball to wrap, seal, twist and shape. Place immediately into freezer. Repeat with remaining.

  4. Allow finished mochi ice cream to firm in freezer, at least 1.5 hrs. If completely frozen when ready to eat, allow to thaw for several min.

Now say “itadakimasu” (means “I humbly receive”) & enjoy!

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